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Hedgehog pattern

Hedgehog invasion


So I started making a video for the free sheep pattern but in accordance with my usual complete inability to follow a pattern…it turned into a hedgehog.  So here’s a video for a hedgehog.  They’re pretty quick and easy to make and before long you will have a veritable army of hedgehogs..although, apparently a collection of hedgehogs is ‘an array’.  An array of hedgehogs.  That sounds rubbish, I’m sticking with army.

So without further ado I present Hedgehog Part 1 – wherein a scrap of yarn is turned into a body of bobbles:

And part 2 where the creature comes to life – mwah haha evil array army of hedgehogs inbound!!

Oh, and here’s the pattern for those that prefer the traditional approach 🙂

Round 1

Using larger hook and body colour:

5sc in adjustable loop – do not tighten yet

Make a bobble in the loop as follows:

Yarn over and pull through the next sc as usual (3 on hook)
Yarn over and pull through last 2 loops on hook (2 remaining on hook)
Yarn over and pull through the same hole (4 on hook)
Yarn over and pull through last 2 loops on hook (3 remaining on hook)
Yarn over and pull through the same hole (5 on hook)
Yarn over and pull through last 2 loops on hook (4 remaining on hook)
Yarn over and pull through the same hole (6 on hook)
Yarn over and pull through last 2 loops on hook (5 remaining on hook)
Yarn over and pull through the same hole (7 on hook)
Yarn over and pull through last 2 loops on hook (6 remaining on hook)
Yarn over and pull through the 6 loops on the hook

Make sure the bobble is pushed to the front every time

Tighten the starting loop as usual = 5sc and  1 bobble

Round 2

2sc in each sc of the round (and the bobble) = 12sc

Round 3

(1sc, bobble) 6 times = 6sc and 6 bobbles

Round 4

2sc in each = 24sc

Round 5

(1sc, bobble) 12 times = 12sc and 12 bobbles

Round 6


Round 7

(1sc, bobble) 12 times = 12sc and 12 bobbles

Round 8


Round 9

(1sc, bobble) 12 times = 12sc and 12 bobbles

**this is the end of the bobbles**

Round 10

1sc (to finish off the last bobble)

Chain 2 (counts as 1HDC)

23 HDC all the way round and slip stitch into top of chain 2

Round 11

Chain 1

24sc in the row below from the back (to the left of the HDC post – but not the post) and change to nose colour yarn on the last sc catching the ends in the next round.

Round 12

Change to smaller hook

24sc in the ‘inner’ of the two rounds (the sc from the last round)

Round 13

(decrease, 6sc) 3 times

Round 14

(decrease, 5sc) 3 times

Round 15

6sc, decrease, 4sc, dec, 4sc

Round 16

6sc, decrease, 3sc, decrease, 3sc

Round 17

6sc, decrease, 2sc, decrease,2sc

Round 18

6sc, decrease, 1sc, decrease,1sc

Round 19

6sc, decrease, decrease

Round 20

6sc, decrease

Round 21

Decrease once more then finish up by cutting the yarn and threading onto a needle, picking up the outer strand of the last 6sc and pulling up gently.  Pull the end through the body if your needle is long enough, wiggle it around and pull up until the nose is the shape you want and secure tightly.

Embroider a nose and eyes with black or brown wool and you’re done.  Huzzah another recruit!

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32 thoughts on “Hedgehog pattern with video

    • SarahL Post author

      Hi Daisy
      Glad you like it and I’m pretty sure it was a DK yarn may be Light Worsted if you’re in the US. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Amanda

    Hi, these are so sweet! I was wondering if it’s okay for me to sell my finished ones? (using my own pictures, of course, with pattern credit to you). Thanks again for the great pattern and tutorial!

  • Sel Anne Marie

    Bonjour Sarah merci pour tes explications très claires. Je suis en train de réaliser ce joli hérisson que l’on trouve de temps en temps dans nos jardins en France .

  • Allie

    Oh, Dear! I think you just saved my life! I was in a huge deal about my baby Baptism gifts and you’ve just pulled me out of it! your army is gorgeous and I will start creating mine right away! Thank you so much!

  • Beaj

    They are just way too cute. I make and donate to a Woman’s Shelter in a near by city for the kids that are there …especially during a holiday of some sort so your cute critters will be perfect and Thank you for your generosity of gifting a free design.

  • Sarah W

    Thank you for such an adorable pattern! Would it be ok for me to sell any hedgehogs I make? I will of course give your pattern full credit.

  • Mariet Dames

    Wow! What an awesome tutorial and pattern! So clear and easy to follow! Enjoyed it tremendously! And the little hedgehogs look so cute! Thank you for sharing! (Mossel Bay South Africa)

  • Céline

    Hi Sarah,
    thank you for this great video and description! I don’t crochet a lot, but it was all very clear and I did it! 🙂
    In Belgium, we give a little present when people visit us when we have a baby. For the birth of my first baby, i crocheted little teepees! For the birth of my twins in october, I would love to crochet these cute hedgehogs. It will be a lot of work, that’s for sure! But it would be less work if I could crochet tiny hedgehogs. Would you maybe have the pattern for the same hedgehog but in a smaller size? That would be a big help!
    Thank you so much!

  • Maise

    I just made my first (of many) hedgehog, and I LOVE it!
    So funny and easy to make.
    I was wondering if I could have your permission to make a danish version of the instruction ?

  • Desiree

    Hello Crochetstitchwitch,

    I am translating this pattern and the fat cat pattern for my mom in Dutch. Is it ok if she shares it with fellow crocheters online in a facebook group? I will credit you in the pdf I create and there will be links in it to your page and social media. Also, of course, it will be free. So we will make no profit from it.

    Kind regards,

  • Crochet Road

    Found your pattern via IG on Ravelry!! You are just too clever! Thank you for the quickest amigurumi project ever and it is just so darned cute : )
    Love making them with Cotton or the Drops Lima you used -or a mix of the two. Wonderful work, lovely lady!

  • Jen

    I love this pattern! Only thing I missed was the stuffing. You didn’t include when to stuff it in the written directions so I made one without stuffing. 😛 It still turned out cute, but when I went back and watched your videos I saw that you said stuff as you go. 😀 Can’t wait to go look at your other patterns! 🙂