puff flower motif to try 30

So I’ve drawn this up (as an exercise in Illustrator as much as any other reason) and using a fine cotton yarn (horribly splitty stuff but pretty colours) I’ve made quite a few of these motifs….just haven’t decided what to do with them yet….

crochet chart for flower motif



crochet chart f

Each row is in a separate colour to make it a bit easier to read.  Translated thusly:

1. Make 8 single crochet in an adjustable ring – I would suggest the double loop ring because a) you can get the inner hole exactly the size you want without it slipping and b) You can safely cut the end without fear of the whole thing falling apart.  Slip stitch into the first to close your circle

2. In the same first that you did the slip stitch in:  pull the yarn on the hook slightly away from the work (you’re going to have a lot of loops to pull through so keep it loose) then, *yo, pull through* repeat between ** a further 3 times (9 loops on the hook) then yo and pull through everything – it takes a bit of wiggling!

3. ch1 on the top of the puff and pull this up quite firmly to make the top of your petal then ch3 more.

4. so for petals 2 – 7: puff stitch in the in the next sc of the circle then ch4 on the top.

5. for the last petal do the puff as before but at the top ch1 then 1dc in the ch1 at the top of the first puff (so the hook finishes in the middle of the chain rather than the end) if you want to change colour here, pull the 2nd colour through the last part of the dc and knot the ends up.

6. *ch5, sc in next ch4 space, ch7, sc in same ch4 space, ch5, sc in next ch4 space* repeat between ** 4 times and you should be back where you started.  Cut end, pull through the loop to finish.  I haven’t worked out a quick way to hide all the ends up yet!


It’s easy enough to join them together with a few chains and I’m thinking maybe a nice headband, belt or collar….I’ll post instructions if I come up with a workable idea but got finger puppets on the brain now…


I’ve now made a video to go with this pattern!

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30 thoughts on “puff flower motif to try

  • paula

    I have got to ask you, . . . what program do you use for your diagrams? I have looked and looked and can not find one I can manipulate well 🙁

    Hopefully, by asking designers, I will be able to find one I can work.

    Oh, and I like the daintiness of this pattern.

    • SarahL Post author

      I used Adobe Illustrator…but it’s a steep learning curve. I’ve found the quickest method is to draw it, scan it then draw over it in illustrator…which probably defeats the point of Illustrator! Once I find a good working method though, I will make a post about it which will hopefully take away some of the grind for others!

    • Michelle H

      You might check out crochet chart software from stitch works software (stitchworkssoftware.com) – it’s not perfect and it’s not free – but the best one I have found.

    • SarahL Post author

      I’m really going to try to make some beginner photo tutorials but I learned everything from youtube so that’s a good starting point for you. Maybe I’ll get really brave and make my own video for these flowers!!

  • Karen Zaccagnini

    I’m saving this on Pinterest for my mom–I don’t know how to crochet, but this is just so pretty! Just wanted you to know that I have clicked through the ads, so you’re on your way to World domination,lol! Thanks for sharing!

  • Karen Zaccagnini

    Thanks so much for sharing this pattern–it’s so beautiful! I’m getting it for my mom as I haven’t figured out to crochet yet. Just wanted you to know that I clicked through each of the ads to help you on your way to World domination,lol!

    • SarahL Post author

      Mwah hah hah!! I’m on the way!! lol, seriously thanks a lot – I’m going to get round to some beginner tutorials at some point and I will expect you to be a star pupil 🙂

  • Roni

    Hi super cute! but did I overlook it, but what size hook did you use? these are too cute! <3 them! and what is the name of the yarn you used? Thank you :o)

    • SarahL Post author

      I’m sorry I don’t actually know what the yarn was, it was from the ‘half used and label lost’ section of my stash. It was a very fine and splitty (grrrr) cotton yarn, 3ply probably and I used a 2mm hook. I always try to use the smallest hook I can manage with whatever yarn I have. Not very helpful I’m afraid :/

  • suzy

    Hey, love the pattern, but the blast from the past is illustrator! I forgot its existence but for pattern creating, it would be the dogs! Thanks for the instructions, the pattern for a lovely piece (I’m thinking wedding garter), and the reminder!

  • Andi

    Hi! I am a bit new to crochet and I found your pattern very easy to follow. I was wondering if there were any restrictions on this? I’m a bit confused on how things like this work. I was wanting to make a kind of lace strip to hang from a dream catcher that someone is paying me to make. Is it okay if I use this pattern and put it on a dream catcher I am planning on selling? I’m curious about when it’s okay to use patterns and things like this to your own potential profit… I guess. Like, since it’s not a whole pattern does it make a difference or not? I was hoping you could give me some insight since you have free patterns and also sell patterns.

    • SarahL Post author

      You can absolutely do whatever you want with this pattern since it’s not really a pattern as such more a sort of guide!…The only time I’d probably get a bit put out as far as copyright is concerned is if someone else was making money from or claiming as their own work, the pdf patterns that I take a lot of time and care over. I’m happy for people to sell what they actually make from my patterns…just not the pattern itself if you see what I mean. Credit and links back to my site are greatly appreciated 🙂
      As a side note – I’m mostly finished making a video showing this flower pattern..just trying to make some music for it – seemed easier than getting into trouble with copyright issues!

  • Kimberly

    I’ve made them. The instructions are very good. I am using them as a yoke on a summer top. Love this square. Thank you.

    • SarahL Post author

      Glad you made something with it, I’m thinking of making just a band of them to go around the bottom of a cheap top or something…if I get that far 🙂

  • Candy

    This is cute I think I’m going to attempt to make a tunic using some mystery yarn I have had forever and the join as you go