Rawr!!! 4

So I asked my baby boy (he’s 14! hehe) what I should make next….

A DINOSAUR!! So off I trotted with visions of creating a terrifying T-Rex with slavering jaws, slashing claws and something else that rhymes – oh I got it…a cacophonous rawr (a little bit hard to crochet but you get the gist)!!!

So my initial sketch wasn’t really as RAWR!!! as I’d hoped, more a sort of mild grrrr!

drawing of dinosaur

Initial idea

But something even more disturbing happened when I picked up the crochet hook…

crochet dinosaur crochet dinosaur

Somewhere between my inner vision and my finger tips is some sort of cutefying filter gosh darn it!

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4 thoughts on “Rawr!!!

  • Annick

    Love your little red dinosaur.
    I took crochet “seriously” about a year ago. It all started by looking for an angel for my Christmas tree … and then, I could not stop and still cant stop “crocheting. All my life I did knit, saw and crochet. Love it. Annick

    • SarahL Post author

      Thank you…as soon as I worked out how to actually follow a pattern, I found that I couldn’t – I kept adding in my own bits 🙂

  • Kate Burnett

    Hi Sarah
    I love love love ur patterns and you blog… I like that ur also a gamer, me too, if I not say with a hook n yarn then I’m sat at the pc fighting trolls, mages, vampires etc. out of curiosity what games do you play? I succumbed to the ESO temptation.
    Thanks again for your inspiring blog
    Kate xxx

    • SarahL Post author

      Awesome! I have resisted ESO so far… but I’m a total sucker for guild wars 2 and been playing for about 2 years now! Have to say I’m looking forward to Dragon Age Inquisitions though 🙂 Have fun!!