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A bit about philosophy (or not – I just wanted to show that I can spell philosophy)

I’m a part-time working mother of 2 teenage children with a dream…a dream that one day, I’ll be able to sit on my arse and crochet to my hearts content, knowing that it’s helping to put food into the mouths of my babes…that one day, I’ll have a multitude of adoring fans just desperate for my emails to ping into their inboxes, that one day…well, you get the gist of it.
Nice as that would be, I’m just not sure I’m really cut out for fame, I mean, I like to walk down the street without fear of being mobbed by fans sceaming “just one more pattern please” and “I beg you to add me to your friends list”, seriously, who could put up with those sorts of demands on a day to day basis.  So, I’ll just potter along as I am, trying to be more sociable and make the world a better place, one crochet pattern at a time (and maybe, eventually, world domination but lets start small eh?)

And should you wish to help me along the path to world domination a happier world then all my patterns are available to buy from my Ravelry store.

Oh, and a little bit about terminology – I use the American terms for all things crochet since I learned everything I know from Youtube.  Also, patterns from Ravelry or Craftsy will come as a pdf download.  You will need a pdf reader to make sense of it. The obvious one being Adobe pdf reader (watch out when you install this one though since it installs the bloody annoying McAfee if you don’t uncheck the box)